I love you. You’re the best mom ever.

Life is chaotic, it’s loud, it’s unpredictable and it’s beautiful, full of love and magic.

Sometimes hidden in the simple and seemingly mundane – unfolding in the rituals and rhythms of your everyday, there is magic.

When your five-year-old crawls onto your bed and curls himself in the chaff of sunlight streaming in from the window, or your 7-year-old packs his lunch and sneaks in a pound of butter, or your child displays his goofy shenanigans walking around the house with his pajama pants pulled up to his chin.

These unposed, unplanned, and unexpected moments of motherhood are all too fleeting and often forgotten. Imagine these precious moments documented in real time as they happen naturally.

You sitting on the floor doing homework with your oldest, your toddler rolling around, surrounded by piles of laundry while breastfeeding your youngest. Your 2 year old tiptoeing up to give you a kiss. You singing and dancing in the family room while one daughter clings to your chest, the other on your back, laughter spilling all around.

Or the tear rolling down your child’s cheek and the hug you gave him to make it all better.

From unintentional moments of inspiration to little sparks of joy to unapologetic and raw emotions. From the mundane to the magical.

This is motherhood.

This is your life.

I want to show you your life. Your love. Your magic. Your everyday.


It is an experience, curated especially for you. Storytelling your days as unique as your journey. Together we create images that will take you back to your NOW for years to come.


Fast forward 20 years from now. Heck, fast forward 3 years from now. What will you remember? Your daughter’s first smiles beaming up at you? Your son’s first day of preschool, how he looked all grown up with his “big boy” backpack and his nervous grin. Your toddler snuggled in one arm, your baby in another as you lay in bed anticipating the day while the morning sun filters in.

These unique and tiny details define your life and if not paid attention to, will be missed. A motherhood session captures your special moments and your everyday moments that will one day fade into favourite memories.

Memories of the experiences you shared with your children, of how you cared for them, how you felt. How you loved them.

Folded not just in your mind, but into a beautiful keepsake of images and words for you to cherish.

The perfect time to do this for yourself is RIGHT NOW.

Motherhood is FULL of ups & downs. The journey is rewarding as much as it is challenging. You are breathing in the fresh scent of your newborn’s head, or placing your hand on your growing belly feeling your little one kick, or breastfeeding your baby while your toddler is snuggled in the crook of your arm.

Or perhaps you are a single mother of 4, struggling to balance it all, or you are mom whose child has been sick, hours in her young life spent in a hospital. The session is for every mother, wherever she is on her journey. It does not have to be a peaceful, pretty or most joyous occasion. Often we need to be reminded of our love and strength in the difficult and exhausting moments. In the times we are tested.

Nominate a Mother

Every year I will donate my time for a session to a mother who is going through a life-altering experience, facing some of her biggest challenges yet. Maybe it’s your friend who received a life altering diagnosis, and your gift to them is memories with their children before they shave their head or become too weak and sick from treatment. Or your sister who is grieving the loss of her partner and is now having to pick up the pieces all on her own. Or your cousin who has spent hours in the hospital with her child who has cystic fibrosis. Whatever it is they are enduring, you want to help. To let them know they are surrounded by those who care; that they are surrounded by love.


  1. You complete a questionnaire. Leave one word, or a story. We can meet and record your answers on my iPhone. Whatever makes it the easiest for you.

  2. We plan your perfect session, based on your answers.

  3. The week leading up to your session you “pay close attention” to the details of your day. What are your rituals. What do you love to do with your kids. Allow for spontaneity. Leave a pen and paper on your counter. Pay attention.

  4. During your session, Be YOU. Be MOM. Don’t worry about the chaos, the disorganization or the piles of unfolded laundry. Wear a bathrobe, throw you hair in a messy bun, leave the toys scattered. Let your real life shine through.

  5. After the session, write. Write your children’s favourite sayings. Share what you love most about your children. Write about your unique moments. Your words will be documented alongside the images in a beautiful album to share in the years to come.


The Motherhood Session

Every session comes with 8 digital images and an 8x10 fine art print of your selected images.

edmonton motherhood photographer-35.jpg

1 hr $300

edmonton motherhood photographer-32.jpg

3hrs $600

edmonton motherhood photographer-23.jpg

6hrs $900


  • Full Gallery of carefully edited images - add 50% of fee.

  • Slideshow - add $150

  • 10x10 Fine Art Album $450 (40 pages, additional pages $5 each)

  • 10x10 Fine Art Album $700 (100 pages - recommended, additional pages $5 each)

“But there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face.
Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking.
But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begin.”
-Mitch Albom