“Family - the most important thing in the world. It is where we begin and where we end.”

A glimpse into the silly, laugh out loud, emotional, and tender moments.

From the momentous occasions to the daily routine, capture what is unique to your family. Whether it is in your home or at your favourite breakfast spot, whether it is the first time your toddler meets her sibling or a Sunday picnic at the local splash park.

Whether it is capturing the bond between your children as they wrestle in bed, your oldest looking out for your youngest or seeing the surprise and joy in your daughter’s faces when you bring home a new puppy. 

I want to document the everyday tears and triumphs that make up your family life.

What is meaningful to you. What you love to do. What your children love to do. Their crazy, silly antics - the moments their personalities shine.

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Because who doesn’t want to look back 20 years from now at their 5-year old holding a bottle of mustard pretending it is baby bottle as they rode around the house on a scooter wearing a party dress and ski goggles?


It is the rituals and routines, the special occasions and the silly moments that define your family. A documentary style is natural and allows for each member of the family to SHOW UP just as they are. Uninhibited. Unposed.

It is a session as unique as your family. There are no rules. No expectations. But to allow the natural flow of the day to unfold.

WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE FOR YOUR FAMILY? It may just be spending time together in your home - Saturday morning breakfast and afternoon outings, or playing in your backyard. Or we venture out to your favourite places. Maybe you’re bringing home a new baby, a new puppy, or your grandparents are visiting from out of town. Let’s make your session perfect for your family.


  1. You complete a questionnaire. It’s easy, I promise. Answer as little or as much as you feel works for you.

  2. We plan your perfect session, based on your answers.

  3. The week leading up to your session you “pay close attention” to the details of your day. What are your rituals? What do you love to do as a family? Allow for spontaneity. Leave a pen and paper on your counter. Pay attention.

  4. The day - show up just as you are. Have fun. Let the day unfold.

  5. After the session, write. Write your family’s favourite weekend outing. Share what you love about how each family member interacts. Write about your unique moments. Your words will be documented alongside the images in a beautiful album to share in the years to come.


The Family Documentary Session

Every session comes with 8 digital images and an 8x10 fine art print of your selected images.

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1hr $300

edmonton motherhood photographer-51.jpg

3 hrs $600

Goretzki's_April 21-137.jpg

6 hrs $900


  • Full gallery of high resolution edited images - add 50% of fee.

  • Slideshow - add $150

  • 14x11 Fine Art Album $550 (40 pages, additional pages $5 each)

  • 14x11 Fine Art Album $800 (100 pages - recommended, additional pages $5 each)

In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony. –Friedrich Nietzsche